My Response To An Unhappy Patient Review

It was bound to happen at some point, and I know I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think there are several points in here that everyone should know. I honestly think a lot of the issues this guy had with our office was that he had never gone to a place that actually cared about the health of his eyes.

~There are no edits in this review or my response~


The office manager or what ever his title was extremely pushy. Wanting to sell products that were not requested or needed. Wanting personal medical insurance info not required for eye exam. Scheduled me for an appointment a year in advance without my permission or my requesting one. I will not go back to this established
Steven, we apologize for making you uncomfortable. We in no way wish to make patients feel like they have to buy anything from us, or even return to us if they are unhappy. Our job is to educate and inform – from products and services to how your insurance benefits work, our goal is to provide you with information so you can make educated decisions based on your wants and needs.

The proceedings that occurred are generally the norm in any office you may go to, but especially true within my office as I wish to provide the very best for all of my patients. I would, however, like to apologize for any confusion or irritation our procedures brought you. Your Comprehensive Eye Exam, which is what one receives when they have vision insurance, is a general overview of your eye health – its intent is not to just get you a new glasses prescription but to be a precursor to any medical conditions that could show up that day or any future day down the road. Think of it as a yearly physical for your eyes. How else would the doctor know if something unseen before is normal for that patient without a record of the condition. This is why we asked for your medical insurance — on the off-chance that we would need it. Additionally, if you were to have a medical problem down the road, a cornea abrasion for instance, with your medical insurance card already on file we wouldn’t need to double check everything with that company before seeing you.

And finally, the scheduled exam a year in advance – this was done by me personally. This was placed not-so-much as an expectation for you to be there as it was a reminder for me and my staff to contact you when you are due for your next “eye physical.” The goal is to assure that you don’t go years with impaired vision when you could be seeing more. So that any medical condition that could pop up doesn’t turn into something permanent and disabling.

Again, we respect your decision to choose an eye care provider that you trust, and we are truly sorry we didn’t exceed your expectations in that aspect and more. I would like to assure you that we had nothing but the best intentions at heart and apologize for any inconvenience.

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