Eyecare is just one item on your children’s long lists of medical needs, but a very important one. As a parent or caregiver, you need to know why child eyecare is important, the warning signs that your child may need glasses, and what an eye exam for kids does for your child.

Child Eyecare & Eye Exams for Kids

A child is allowed an eye exam as early as six months, but if you’ve missed this mark, there is no need to worry. Optometrists highly recommend bringing in your children at age 3 or just before they start kindergarten, and Family Focus Eyecare is the perfect place to do so.

Why is Child Eyecare So Important?

Proper vision will allow your children to have better learning experiences in the classroom and at home. Children with uncorrected vision problems often struggle in school due to their inability to read the board, screen or handouts. This is why we encourage all of our families to check up on their children’s vision before entering kindergarten or around the time they begin elementary school. Ensure your children happy and healthy learning experiences by scheduling a trusted eye exam from Family Focus Eyecare today.

Top 5 Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Children’s visions vary drastically, and it is often difficult to decide when the right time for the eye doctor is. If you are having trouble determining whether or not your child is in need of glasses, here are our top 5 signs your child is ready for an eye exam.

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1. Squinting

Squinting may be a sign that your child is compensating for poor vision. Squinting works in two ways by changing the shape of the eye and decreasing incoming light. By partially closing our eyes, we are making our eyes round to allow the proper amount of light in which ultimately increases the eyes’ focus. As we all know, prolonged squinting can cause big headaches, so catching this habit early is important.

2. Reading Difficulties

If your child is skipping lines or losing their place while reading, it may be a sign of a vision problem. Finger pointing while reading may also be a sign. Although finger pointing is often a tool teachers use to show children how to read independently, it can also be a sign of an uncorrected vision problem such as amblyopia.

3. Frequent Headaches

Farsighted children without glasses often have frontal headaches or aching around the brows. Children will often exert extra effort to clear their blurry vision which later causes some pain.

4. Sitting Too Close

On the other hand, nearsighted children may have the tendency to sit relatively close the television or lean closer to a book they are reading. Moving closer to an object basically brings the object to their clear focal point, making it larger and easier to observe.

5. Covering One Eye to See

Some children may experience poorer vision in one eye over the other. This often leads to children covering one eye while reading or trying to view something. This leaves children at risk for developing an eye problem and may also be a sign for children seeing double vision.

What Can Happen If Eye Issues Go Undetected?

1. Abnormal development of the eyes

Children who need glasses but don’t wear them may experience more serious issues in the future.

2. Learning disabilities

Children who can’t see properly are often disengaged and uninterested in class. In a serious case, this can lead to your child falling behind in his or her learning development.

3. Accidents or injuries

Without proper vision, kids are more likely to hurt themselves doing normal daily activities.

4. Outcast from their peers

Activities such as games and sports can seem daunting or impossible for kids who can’t see well. This can cause them to shy away from getting involved.

5. Health issues

Aside from optical problems in the future, children who do not get their vision corrected at an early age can suffer from frequent headaches and fatigue later on in life.

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A Family Focus Eyecare Child Appointment

Our comprehensive child eye exams go beyond the minimum visual requirements. Our specialized child optometrist, Dr. Joseph D. Rich, assess the quality of visual awareness your child has. This is done by observing how their eyes move together and their ability to fuse images together.

Kid-Friendly Eyeglasses

If your child ends up needing some new glasses, Family Focus Eyecare provides a diverse array of frames your children will love. We have various styles, colors, and brands that are ready to be tried on today! Bring in your children for an eye exam and eyeglass fitting by one of our helpful and friendly optometrists, and see what a difference proper vision can make.

We carry many of the top brands for your kids. Some of the brands we carry include:

  • Flexon
  • Exalto
  • Booth and Bruce
  • Nike
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Oakley
  • Ikonic
  • Tom Ford
  • Airlock
  • ProDesign
  • LaFont
  • Ray Ban

Should My Child Always Use Their Glasses or Contacts?

If your child requires corrective lenses, it is crucial that your child wear his/her glasses. In order for a child to learn successfully, they need proper vision. Whether it’s reading up close or far away on a whiteboard, your child having proper vision is essential to his/her ability to learn. Vision also affects your child’s ability to focus, peripheral awareness, and hand/eye coordination.

Also, depending on your child’s eye condition, not wearing prescribed glasses can cause “lazy eye” which can be harder to correct than it is to prevent.

Cost of Child Eye Exams

We participate in both the InfantSEE and the SEEtoLearn programs which offer free eye exams for infants 6 months-12 months as well as 3-year-olds, respectively. Often, Medical insurance provides free annual eye exams for children under eighteen. If you want to find out whether or not your insurance covers eye exams for you and your family, call us and we will look up your provider and give you an answer right away.

Family Focus Eyecare in Columbia, MO offers a full line of family-friendly eyecare services equipped with trusted optometrists and caring smiles. We understand how important your children are, so we promise to provide excellent service to them along with the entire family.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (573) 446-1600 (Columbia) or (573) 392-7126 (Eldon).