Here at Family Focus Eyecare, our trusted Optometrists are available to provide you with comprehensive eye care. We pride ourselves on supplying the best eye care in Columbia, MO and we are able to do that by utilizing the proven technique and state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly trained and genuinely caring optometrists provide care for a wide range of eye conditions:

Eye Exams – We provide comprehensive eye exams which include collecting case history, evaluation of pupil, visual acuity, refraction, functionality assessment, pressure measurements, and overall eye health.

Children’s Eye Exams – An eye exam can be done as early as six months old and it is highly recommended to have your child’s first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 12 months for overall eye health, again at 3 years old to check for any errors in refraction, and an exam before kindergarten, (and every year thereafter), to ensure your child has every ability available to help with learning to read and using their eyes correctly.

Contact Lenses – Contact lenses are probably the fastest growing segment in eyewear innovation, with new lines of products and solutions coming out almost daily. It is Family Focus Eyecare’s mission to provide our patients with the best of the best, including multifocal contact lenses, toric contact lenses, daily contact lenses, and all the different variations and combinations they come in.

Prevention, Treatment, & Detection – Family Focus Eyecare brings you the latest and greatest technology to assist in early detection, prevention, and treatment of all eye conditions and diseases, including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Pink-Eye, Lazy Eye, Foreign Bodies and Dry Eye.

At Family Focus Eyecare, we spend extra time to make sure that you leave without concerns regarding your ocular health and vision.